Selecting A Bakery Based On Its Flatbread: What To Look For In New York City

Posted on: 4 May 2017

Bakeries of all kinds can be found in New York City. If you are looking for a good flatbread, you could probably find numerous types of flatbread in these bakeries. What is it you really want? Are you looking for a bakery that makes several different kinds of flatbread and is therefore a "multi-purpose" sort of bakery? Or do you want a bakery that specializes in a couple of primo-perfect flatbreads? If you know what you want in a flatbread and you know what to look for in your bakery, you will not be disappointed.

Do Not Choose an "Anything Goes" Bakery

Most bakeries make bread and cakes very well, otherwise they would go out of business. However, when your focus is on finding the perfect flatbread, you should not choose a bakery that does one kind of flatbread for each day of the week. An "anything goes" bakery may have some excellent products, but you want perfection. You have to pick a more specialized bakery.

Pick an Ethnicity or Culture

There are several ethnicities and cultures that make their own versions of flatbread. If you are going to narrow it down in New York City, you have to pick an ethnicity/culture. For example, Jewish flatbreads are best made by Jewish bakers in the "little Jerusalem" part of town. If you choose Jewish flatbreads as your focus, you now know where to go. The same holds true for Mexican and Hispanic flatbreads, Native American flatbreads, Italian flatbreads and so on.

Go to That Part of Town

Once you have selected a very specific ethnicity or culture whose flatbreads you want to consume, go to that part of town. In New York City, there is Little Italy, Chinatown, the Hispanic neighborhoods like Spanish Harlem, Harlem, etc. Ask on the street about which bakery there has the best flatbread. Then go to that bakery and order the house specialty on flatbread. If the word on the street is a toss-up between two bakeries, get the same or similar flatbread from both so that you can do your own taste test at home.

The One That Passes the Taste Test Wins

When you are home again, try your flatbreads. The bread that tastes the best is the winner. Mark it down so that you do not forget which bakery is which. If you want, do this with every ethnicity, culture and neighborhood in New York City so that you have a solid list of the best specialty flatbread bakers in town.

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