Three Reasons To Choose Vanilla Wedding Cake

Posted on: 13 June 2022

Sitting down with a custom baker to discuss your wedding cake can be one of the best parts of planning your wedding. The reveal of the cake is always an exciting part of a wedding reception, so you want to choose a design that will bring smiles to the faces of your guests. While the appearance of your cake will be important, don't overlook putting some careful thought into what flavor of cake you'll choose. Your custom baker can present you with a long list of options. Vanilla might not always be the most exciting choice, but it offers several advantages—including these three points.

Wide Appeal

Vanilla cake can be a good choice for your wedding cake because it has a widespread appeal. It's reasonable to expect that most of the people in attendance at your wedding will enjoy vanilla cake. The same may not be true for other types of cake. For example, even though a lot of people love chocolate cake, there are some people who don't enjoy its flavor. You want your choice of cake to be appealing to as many of your wedding guests as possible, and there's arguably no safer choice than vanilla.

Less Risk Of Staining

It's relatively easy for people to spill cake while they eat it, especially if they're standing up while doing so and someone accidentally bumps into them. A spill of chocolate on a light-colored dress or dress shirt can leave a stain for the duration of the night, which may cause embarrassment to whoever ends up with a stained garment. Staining isn't as much of a worry when you choose vanilla cake. It's reasonable to expect that a few crumbs of vanilla wedding cake could land on someone's light-colored attire without leaving a visible mark behind.

Better Match With The Icing

It's common for wedding cakes to have light-colored icing. Some couples like white icing, while others prefer an off-white shade, such as cream or lavender. In general, vanilla cake is a better visual fit with light-colored icing. For example, vanilla cake with white icing offers a classic look, while chocolate cake with vanilla icing is a little unconventional. You want your cake to look good when you cut into it, especially if your wedding photographer will be snapping lots of photos at this point in the reception. Talk to a custom baker to discuss plans for your wedding cake.

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